C.H.Sidheek ( Manager )

Malikdeenar Arts and Science college is one of the prominent colleges in Ernakulam . As we embark into a new journey of growth and learning during the disruptive times, we are more than certain that with the blessings of Almighty, we will be able to take our college to the next level.The institution is playing a pivotal role in the Socio – Economic Developments of the rural area Adivadu, under Pallarimangalam Grama Panchayath , Ernakulam ,Kerala.

                        Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a life long process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s  life in a right path.The college establishes an academic and peaceful atmosphere for intellectual inquiry and personality development with a holistic perspective.Students are our greatest asset.So providing them an advanced education and motivation are our prime concerns.The management committee is giving special care to this prestigious college by monitoring its progress and boosting up for further advancement.

                       We are proud and joyful to be part of this esteemed institution ,which is shaping modern India.In its journey of endeavour and fidelity , Malikdeenar marked its own space in the public domain of society.

                        I wish all the very best to the successful journey of Malikdeenar Arts and Science College.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    C.H.Sidheek ( Manager )

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