Department Associations

Each department has an association for planning and implementing various activities depending on the requirements and interests of the students. The head of the department is the president of the associations and there shall be a student secretary for arranging programs.


 ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme) cell has formed in the college with the support of external faculty, who has been providing various information regarding career opportunities and advanced courses in various streams.

Tutorial System

 This has been organized for furthering the bond between teacher and students. For that Purpose each classes assigned by a teacher. The students can consult his /her tutor on all matters related to both academic as well as now academic matters. This system is further reinforced by linking it up with the Parent Teacher Association.

Discipline Committee

  The Discipline Committee in our college functioning under the guidance of trained teachers. It aims at the general discipline of the college and nurtures the behaviour of students. The committee will solve the various grievances of the students.

Women Counselling Centre

  With a view of empowering the girl students, the M.G University, as per the guide line of the U.G.C, has prescribed norms for introducing Women Counselling Centre in the Affiliated Colleges. Accordingly, our college has also constituted the  women  cell . Two teachers are appointed as the co-ordinators.

Parent  Teacher Association

Parent-teachers association is the corner stone of the existence of an institution. The association actively participates in the day to day functioning of the college along with the management .Each year a meeting of P.T.A is organizing at the college auditorium.

The College Magazine

   Malik   Deenar  arts and science college, Adivadu publishes the college magazine once a year. It is meant for promoting literary and artistic talents of the students. Contributions to the college magazine will be screened and edited by a nominated body. The student editor of the magazine plays a vital role in the successful publication of the magazine.  A staff editor has appointed by the Principal to help the students. The principal’s decision will be final in the publication of articles in the magazine.

Career Guidance Cell

A career guidance cell is functioning in the college. Throughout the duration of course, the bureau organizes career guidance activities to assist students. This cell is working under the guidance of staff members. Brochures on career information of various institutions will be available with this bureau.


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